At SPOEDVERHUIZER we have a broad customer base that includes the elderly, needy and disabled people. With this kind of moves you can expect from us that we are prepared to carry out additional work. For us, the customer and his needs are priority. This applies to all moving services we offer to serve.

SPOEDVERHUIZER operates from the philosophy that moving is more than just moving the closet, television and kitchen to a new residence. This especially applies to the situation if you are an elderly and/or diasabled and are impeded to function in your daily life. It can give an unpleasant feeling when you may not be able to communicate with the movers. Besides, moving is hectic for many people. Chances are that in your situation, this is more of an issue. It is therefore pleasant to know that you can trust our movers who have a heart for the moving business. They also are able to not overlook the customer and their situation. May you expect some extra efforts from our movers, then this is certainly a possibility. The movers are always eager to make sure that you can sit back and watch how the overall proces is going as carefree as possible.

For information about moving and all the features, we advise you to contact us to take this over the phone or e-mail.