Men working for a moving services company unloading a sofa from a truckYour precious newly purchased furniture from a furniture strip like Ikea home safely? At Spoedverhuizer we guarantee a smooth and professional transportation of these furniture. Even your purchases from other furniture stores but also used purchases from eBay for example, we transport for you.

During relocations it is important that your furniture can be moved carefully and quickly. At SPOEDVERHUIZER we have the appropriate means of transport to do this for our customers. You can expect us to carefully execute your move. Just ask for our conditions.

Your furniture undamaged and “just in time” at the destination, that is our goal. We can also ensure sympathetic movers who are pleasant to work with and are open to critism. Through the knowledge and expertise of our movers and the enthusiasm with which they work for you, these are realistic goals.

In a personal meeting we will be happy to go through the possiblities, so that we can offer the services that fit your wishes and so all the do’s and don’ts are clear.