If you have an adjudication or something else that has to be delivered quickly, it is possible to use the courier service.

You use the courier service if your shipment has to be sent as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ask for our conditions.

Delivery man giving a parcel to a clientYou want your goods neatly and within the period specified by you in the desired location. In addition you desire good service and an inviting charge. In other words: you want good results. Our core values are the common thread through all the services we provide. For the couriers of SPOEDVERHUIZER applies: “work smoothly, carefully and with a personal approach from the customer’s needs”.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for multiple and/or systematically planned jobs? Or are you looking for a company to help with a big job? Then we invite you for a non-committal meetup. All your plans and what you expect from us, will be discussed at the beginning. Then you can expect a thoroughly thought advise.

From small and simple, to complex mega jobs, no matter what transport project you have in mind, we will tell you with great pleasure what our core values can mean for you. If you would like to know more, please contact us. For our contact information, please check our contact page.